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What the Fuck is Fuckable

Fuuuuuuck yeaaaaah

Heather Matarazzo

Seriously? What the fuck is fuckable?? I don’t know if I can answer that question for you, but I can share my own experience.

When I was 19 or so, I was standing in a Starbucks in West Hollywood with a director, talking about the upcoming film we were about to shoot. It had been a long road, but we had finally made it. Waiting for our coffee, I could see that he seemed a bit uneasy. I asked him if everything was ok. He said yes. I didn’t believe him, so I asked him again. He looked at me and said “Heather, I’m sorry, we have to give your role to another actor. The producers don’t want you.” I didn’t understand. I had been attached to this project for two years, and now two weeks before filming, I’m being let go. I asked him why. He looked me dead…

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Yin and Yang, or, How We Resonate



Some people resonate with each other, not because they are objectively the same but because they complement each other in interesting ways. We often talk about yin and yang, where two people create a whole circle, but I tend to think more of melody and harmony. It’s not a circle with no holes, it’s a song that resonates and echoes.

Cricket and Butterfly are not a perfect match. First of all, they look too much alike. They have the same color hair, both white with apricot markings in mostly the same places. And they both bark, at different pitches, but not in a harmony of beautiful sound; they are not a choir, they are a cacophony of noise. They are not the same height, but also not opposites, like big and small or fat and skinny. They are just small and smaller. They don’t fill all of the possible…

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It’s not about you…

Because I'm Fabulous

I remember being pregnant with my children, feeling as their gentle flutters progressed into full belly flops on my bladder and painful karate kicks against the backs of my ribs. Back then I had no clue what my children would be like; they were more like ideas than real people. I’d sit in my rocking chair with my hands clasped gently over my stomach and wonder who they’d be. Dreaming of children who loved singing as much as me; envisioning singing rounds, our voices weaving together in harmony.

Then they were born. Short, chubby, bald people who looked a lot more like Winston Churchill than either their Dad or myself. People that screamed randomly, pooped on themselves, and considered “gah” to be an entire conversation. I still had no idea what they were like except loud, messy, and highly uncoordinated. They slowly evolved into their own people. Emma was colicky and had a desperate need to be…

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The Storm has Passed…

‘Let ’em Howl.. Let me write…’ go Jode!!!!!! Keep ’em coming x

Jody Neil Ruth

Once upon a time, I used to be a fairly prolific blog writer. Things developed… demons happened… and my output reduced itself to two blogs in two years. Of course, Demons, and Demons: Dark Love were ‘successful’ – if that’s the right term – but with them hanging over my head I’ve felt unable to write anything else in between. How could I write about depression and my mental state in one blog, and then segue into a drunken weekend in Valencia with my brother-in-law and Italian Stallion friend the next?

It just didn’t sit right.

The Demons blogs may end up being the defining work of my career, but I was a good writer before them, and I am a better writer because of them. However, before those two blogs I was being read by many, many people, and finding my ‘adventures’ traversing the world, highlighted on different…

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Clause 99, Catch 22 and Penning is telling lies.

Politics and Insights

The Government are claiming victory because of a fall in the number of benefit tribunal hearings. Today, the Express boasts:
A HUGE drop in the number of people appealing against benefit decisions at tribunal hearings was yesterday hailed as a victory for the Government’s reforms.”
Actually, it’s a victory for the Government’s tyranny.
There were 32,546 tribunal cases between January and March this year, compared to 155,000 in the same period of 2013.
“Official figures” reveal an 89 per cent fall in people contesting the decisions to cut, deny or restrict Employment Support Allowance (ESA), long-term sickness and disability benefits.
Tribunals contesting Jobseeker’s Allowance decisions also fell 70 per cent this year.
Disability minister Mike Penning said: “Fewer appeals going to tribunal is welcome. Getting more decisions right first time avoids the need for protracted tribunal appeals.”
Under the Department for Work and Pensions reforms, officials look…

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Close The Door Behind You (and Farewell House of Bethan)

A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER thank you House of Bethan I look forward to your new blog… good luck xxxx love xxxx and peace xxxx

Life Design Action: Close The Door Behind You

Requires: Closing down, gratitude and taking five minutes to honour what has been

Does not require: Attachment

When happy, vibrant change is on the horizon we tend to charge forward like exuberant children and forget to look back. Yet before we really dive into the next chapter of our life adventure, its kind of important that we properly end the last chapter.

When we honour what we’ve learned, what we’ve been through and how we’ve evolved, we are set free. 

We also set the scene for more happiness.


Dear House of Bethan Folk,

I’ve not been about much on here recently … except to post a few pictures here and there. In fact, looking back at recent posts, The House has begun to feel a little like an art gallery!

Here are the two reasons I’ve been away:

1. A small, very cute 5 week old baby  who’s needs are simple yet strangely time/hand and brain consuming.

2. I’ve been…

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I love this !
I think it deserves a share and load of Love x

Jody Neil Ruth

I make no apologies now for what I am about to tell you.

This is not one of my normal blogs filled with jokes, idiocy, and me being a tool. You may have as hard a time reading it as I did writing it…

I worked within the mental health world for 7 years, between the ages of 20 to 27. I enjoyed the job – especially in the

depressionlocal psychiatric ward – and I met some remarkable, troubled people, and watched as they disappeared in a haze of medication as their demons dragged them down…

I felt sorry for those people.

In fact, I saw friends of mine enter the system and become faceless and mindless drones, pumped full of drugs… I pitied them, and I took solace in the fact that I was mentally strong enough to never be as weak as these people… and at the end of my…

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Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Good Morning all you readers out there..

How are you all?

It’s nearly christmas, four days to go to be exact. Four days more of rushing around and spending money or stressing about money to buy food and gifts. I went into a supermarket last night and people were walking around with not one but two BIG trolleys!! 

Men following their beloved around the shop and being told “to get that”,”and pick this up”, “and not in that trolley”! 

Holy C**P I thought.. ‘I’m just going to sneak to the nicest part of this whole supermarket!” Where lives the olive, parma ham, cheese and all the little snacks that I adore that’s shaped like an island, (and where there are no shouty Christmas shoppers!) where I can dream of laying naked, eating grapes and drinking red wine (ChateauNeuf Du Pape) and being fed Olives with ciabatta bread and balsamic vinegar. Whilst of course being painted laying by a river under beautiful willow trees protecting us from direct sun.

And then I realised I was standing dreaming at this vast selection of yummyness and I was wearing not one but two jackets with a silly hat and silly little pumps with my snowflake socks showing and I didn’t know how long I’d been standing there for. Its December there is hardly no sun just rain and wind and I may be in a supermarket but I do not want to buy any food as I don’t have much money and Oooops maybe someone had seen me, and then I remembered not many people can read minds we are not living in a telepathic world although sometimes I think I am.

So the question I have is and the reason I am writing this is to ask you!

What do you enjoy most about christmas?

  • Is it the purchasing of over expensive gifts/toys/latest I-pad/vouchers?
  • Is it the faces on the children in the family when they open the present’s or are starring in the nativity at school?
  • Is it the lights as you drive through towns and pass houses?
  • Is it all the food and booze and chance to eat as much as you like and use the excuse ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’?
  • Is it the time off work and school?
  • Is it the constant playing of ‘do they know its christmas time’ or the crazy old man screaming down the microphone and the general music when you go shopping reminding everyone that its time to spend some spondollies and even if you are struggling to pay your bills and keep up with the Jones’s it’s now time to spend more!! so we can all say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 being deeper and deeper in debt.

SURELY We can all take stock and say NO to overspending and NO to gauging on food and getting fatter by the minute and placing more strain on the NHS to provide services that we can no longer afford.


WE CAN… open our hearts up and play music all over the holiday period and give our children love and stories and bake mince pies and make gifts and cards out of all the cardboard we throw away and the wrapping paper we have saved and knit thing for our Nana’s/Babies/Children/ Loved ones.. and go to Carol services and sing and pull back some community support to our towns and villages.

(I’m now stepping off my soap box!)

As the world was supposed to END today I’m glad it hasn’t.

I would love to make all my gifts for all my family and friends and I have started with painting. You never know perhaps next year I may have to do the above (rant), but I have been blessed with a well paid job. In my idealistic mind (the above rant) this is all achievable.

However I do wish for peace on earth and kindness to everyone for 2013.

Love you all


Ps Christmas Lights is the BEST thing about Christmas!!!

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Dear Tea

Swirling tea ingredients

This part makes me smile inside

Tea is in my life and I drank my first cup in France when I was 17, 11 years ago, and thank my lucky stars its in my life for with out you tea I would be not the person I am today.

A poem

Cup o’ Tea in the morning

Cup o’ Tea in the day

Cup o’Tea in the evening

Makes my belly feel warm, takes my troubles away.. Ahhhhhhh Tea!!

So you know I feel quite passionate about tea, how I make it for other people is also important to me the pure strategy behind whether they care how they take it, be it milky, no milk, strong, leave the tea bag in. OR the answer, “however it comes…”.. What.. however it comes.. insane answer! Insane to me who like my tea:

STRONG but MILKY with half a sugar. (warning the amount of sugar can change depending on whole number of different reasons!)

So in all my jobs I can safely say that making TEA has been my priority in fulfilling my role to the best of my capabilities as I think it brings a smile to my face and a feeling of pure delight so it should be the same for others hence my particular questions and thoughts around making the VERY perfect cup o’ tea.

I think about the serving choice be it mug or cup and the amount of water (no waste of over energy boiling water, when I make the tea!) to make the perfect amount and then the Squeeeeeeeezing of the tea bag and the amount of milk required and then the STIR, oh the Stir and which way, do I need to go and make a cup o’ tea to go see or can I visualise it now..

CLOCK wise.. I think..

Now does that matter, is it important to the energy of blending the mixes, I’m not sure, but I have heard in the past it is

Go GO now, make some tea, green tea, chai tea, a normal blimen cup o’ tea

Make a tea and feel the belly warmth and feel the love

Make Tea NOT War

Thank you Tea



So for months and months my friend Leigh and Ric have been saying:

“do a show on the radio..”

“do it.. do it.. do it..”

and I for months have been like “yeah I will, yeah I will”

Then finally 6 weeks ago I did my first show and its been running ever since and the name is courtesy of my fathers radio show on Angel Radio John Boys Jukebox.. which is on FM radio. And to be fair there was a slight difference in spelling this however is due to the fact that basically I play songs that should in my mind be up there playing with the dukes.. (or something like that!)

So when I talk in the microphone I get so so SO so SO excited.. a feeling from my belly inside rises up and Booooooooom and that is it people Passion in its highest form right…

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