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Gemma B’s Dukebox

on June 28, 2012

So for months and months my friend Leigh and Ric have been saying:

“do a show on the radio..”

“do it.. do it.. do it..”

and I for months have been like “yeah I will, yeah I will”

Then finally 6 weeks ago I did my first show and its been running ever since and the name is courtesy of my fathers radio show on Angel Radio John Boys Jukebox.. which is on FM radio. And to be fair there was a slight difference in spelling this however is due to the fact that basically I play songs that should in my mind be up there playing with the dukes.. (or something like that!)

So when I talk in the microphone I get so so SO so SO excited.. a feeling from my belly inside rises up and Booooooooom and that is it people Passion in its highest form right there in my belly, right there making me get all like I cannot brrrreath and whooooosh! Please let me take this moment to refer you to a very lovely friend of mine Bethan Stritton.. and read her blog here for a little snippet of (my favorite word!) coincidence on Moon-day Mindset – Love your thing 

As the weeks have gone on I have bumbled my way through picking songs I feel I have reason to play for some reason or another in my mind, and not DOUBLE clicking on the next track in order to mess up the next selection and make the daaaaaamn file disappear .. oh that happened quite a lot! but not now Oooooh no!

So now its progressed nicely to me playing a random selection of tunes ranging from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on and on and up to NOW..

Also play some tracks from our musical genius on the IOW including bands and Dj’s

Shall I list them all.. Shall I..? ooooooh OK! No no no go and check them out on my Fb page… http://www.facebook.com/GemmaBsDukebox

So to all the people I have spoken to about this in the past and who have said follow your heart.. follow what YOU want..

“Do it.. Do it NOW”

Thank you all you sexy, gorgeous people and thank you www.wightparty.com for having me!!!


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