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Close The Door Behind You (and Farewell House of Bethan)

on May 3, 2014

A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER thank you House of Bethan I look forward to your new blog… good luck xxxx love xxxx and peace xxxx

Life Design Action: Close The Door Behind You

Requires: Closing down, gratitude and taking five minutes to honour what has been

Does not require: Attachment

When happy, vibrant change is on the horizon we tend to charge forward like exuberant children and forget to look back. Yet before we really dive into the next chapter of our life adventure, its kind of important that we properly end the last chapter.

When we honour what we’ve learned, what we’ve been through and how we’ve evolved, we are set free. 

We also set the scene for more happiness.


Dear House of Bethan Folk,

I’ve not been about much on here recently … except to post a few pictures here and there. In fact, looking back at recent posts, The House has begun to feel a little like an art gallery!

Here are the two reasons I’ve been away:

1. A small, very cute 5 week old baby  who’s needs are simple yet strangely time/hand and brain consuming.

2. I’ve been…

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